Precious Metals Trading: The Value of Recycling Silver Paste Cloth

Recently, as temperatures stabilize, many factories have resumed operations. Whenever industries involving silver paste are in operation, silver wipe cloths are used. These cloths, after being used, hold significant recycling value.
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During the cleaning process of silver paste, the cloth absorbs a large amount of silver particles. Due to this characteristic, silver paste cloths are quite common in the electronics industry, especially for cleaning circuit boards and electronic components to maintain their conductivity.

Now, let’s get to the main point: how is the recycling price of silver paste cloth calculated? The calculation is actually quite simple. We only need to determine the current silver recycling price and the silver content in the silver paste cloth to estimate the approximate price.

For example, if today’s silver recycling price is $0.76 per gram, and we have a certain amount of silver paste cloth, we need to determine the silver content in it. Since the silver particles absorbed on the silver paste cloth may not be evenly distributed, it is generally necessary to refine the silver before calculating the price. After completing this step and deducting the costs, we can determine the final price.