The Cost of Recovering Platinum Dioxide and Platinum Metals Prices

Platinum dioxide, with the chemical formula PtO2, appears as a black powder. It is quite stable and does not react with air or water at room temperature. In this issue, I will discuss the recycling of platinum dioxide and its recovery price.
platinum metals prices
In some industrial processes, especially in fields related to precious metal treatment, platinum dioxide is a common byproduct. We can find it in the catalysts of automotive exhaust treatment systems.

Now let’s talk about the recovery price of platinum dioxide. Before discussing the price, we first need to test the platinum content in the platinum dioxide. Assuming the price of platinum today is $27.6 per gram, if the platinum content in platinum dioxide reaches 85.4%, then its recovery price is calculated based on this ratio, which would be approximately $23.57 per gram.

Through our explanation, you might have gained a certain understanding of the recovery price of platinum dioxide. Although you might still not understand the specific processes and methods of recovery, getting to know the operation mode of this industry and the composition of its prices is also a very good choice.